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Arthritis Foundation

The Alliance for Gout Awareness is proud to highlight the Arthritis Foundation as one of our members. Founded in 1948, their goal is to address the challenges of arthritis through medical research and provide better medical services for the 60 million people living with arthritis. The Arthritis Foundation is dedicated to finding a cure while confronting arthritis with resources, science, advocacy and community connections.

“Every day, our mission is to reduce the pain and improve the lives of arthritis patients and caregivers. By joining forces with the Alliance for Gout Awareness, we can help better equip medical researchers and health care professionals with resources and community connections,” said Nick Turkas, MS, Senior Director, Patient Education/Community Connections. “Our commitment to empowering patients to live their best life is only possible with the help of our partner organizations like the Alliance for Gout Awareness.”

The Arthritis Foundation continues to address key policy issues at both the state and federal levels with lawmakers, insurers, employers and regulators. They also provide support systems and advocacy opportunities to those living with gout and other rheumatic diseases. The Arthritis Foundation runs a gout support group, informs patients on how to manage gout and recently released guidelines for treating gout.

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