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Gout Awareness Day

Gout affects more than 9 million Americans. On May 22, join the Alliance for Gout Awareness in spreading the word about the disease, its debilitating effects, and how people can manage it.

Here’s what you can do

Explore this year’s resources

Participate on social media

Learn more about gout

Share your story


Download posters

View partner resources

Attend an event

Explore Gout Awareness Day Resources


A Roadmap to Better Gout Care

Over 9 million Americans have gout. What would it take…


Navigating the Physical and Mental Health Impact of Gout

Gout takes a toll on patients — both physically and…


A Roadmap to Better Care for Gout

Several key steps could help improve diagnosis, treatment and support…


Fast Facts: Gout

Gout is a form of arthritis that leads to sudden,…

Participate on Social Media

There are several ways to get involved on social media:

Update Profile Photo: Click an image below, then right click and choose “save image as.”  Choose a destination on your computer, such as your desktop or a folder, and click save. Then, post as your Facebook or Twitter profile picture as you would any other image.

Post on Social Media: Join the #GoutAwarenessDay conversation and follow the #RoadmapToBetterCare using our shareable social media graphics and suggested social media posts.

Suggested Social Posts

  • Today is #GoutAwarenessDay! Ready to get involved? This toolkit from @goutalliance is a #RoadmapToBetterCare and can help you get started:
  • DYK? Gout affects more than 9 million Americans. #GoutAwarenessDay #RoadmapToBetterCare
  • Untreated gout can lead to other serious medical conditions like diabetes or hypertension. #GoutAwarenessDay #RoadmapToBetterCare
  • How much do you know about gout? Take some time on #GoutAwarenessDay to learn about the condition that affects over 9 million Americans. #RoadmapToBetterCare
  • There’s no cure for gout, but it can be successfully managed. Untreated gout can mean permanent damage to joints. #GoutAwarenessDay #RoadmapToBetterCare

Learn More About Gout

Gout’s painful attacks can be debilitating. AGA’s resources explain how gout affects patients and how they can find relief.


How to Talk to Your Health Care Provider About Gout

Talking with your health care provider about gout can feel…


Disparities in Gout Risk & Treatment

More than 9 million Americans live with gout, an arthritic…


The Voices of Gout

More than 9 million Americans live with gout. The Alliance…


What is Gout?

A video from the Alliance for Gout Awareness explains how…


6 Maneras para tomar el control de su Gota

La gota es una enfermedad grave y dolorosa causada por…



¿Qué es la gota? La gota es una forma de…


Fast Facts: Gout (Hmong)

Mob ko taw vwm yog dabtsi?


Resources for Gout Patients

Inside this packet you’ll find resources from our member organizations…

Share Your Story

Do you have experience with gout? We want to hear from you! Share your story.


Gout stigma is real and lack of awareness and misinformation hinder treatment for the condition. That’s why it’s important that cities and states recognize May 22 as Gout Awareness Day. We thank the below states and localities for recognition of Gout Awareness Day.

Download a Poster

Use these posters in your health care office or in your community.

Partner Resources

Explore AGA’s partner resources to learn more about gout management.

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