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The Alliance for Gout Awareness is proud to feature HealthyWomen in this month’s member feature. HealthyWomen is dedicated to educating women ages 35-64 so they can make informed health decisions, advocate for themselves, and prioritize their health and wellness.

To further their mission of educating women to make informed health choices, HealthyWomen recently released materials discussing gout and women’s health.

“There are over 2 million women in the U.S. living with gout. Ensuring that women know their risk and how to treat this painful arthritis is an important part of managing their overall health,” said HealthyWomen’s Helaine Bader, MPH, VP, Education. “HealthyWomen is pleased to work with the Alliance for Gout Awareness to raise awareness about gout and its impact on women.”

HealthyWomen also implements educational programs, national events and campaign initiatives on topics important to women and their health. Thanks to their many programs, women across the country can feel in charge of their health.

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