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Gout’s Excruciating, But It Doesn’t Get The Attention It Deserves

May 22, 2023

More than 9 million people in the United States face a debilitating form of inflammatory arthritis known as gout.

On May 22, Gout Awareness Day will bring together these patients, alongside other stakeholders, to raise awareness and work towards ending the persistent stigma and misconceptions that surround gout. 

About Gout 

Gout is a form of arthritis that leads to sudden, intense pain and swollen joints. Gout can occur in any joint, although the more common sites of a gout attack are the big toe, knees, ankles, feet and fingers. It is caused by a buildup of uric acid within the body. Gout’s painful attacks can be debilitating for patients and impact not only the individual patient but also families, communities and workplaces. 

With gout’s burden continuing to grow, it is more important now than ever to increase education and awareness. Lack of disease awareness and stigma have led to underdiagnosis, and as a result, patients struggling to control and manage their condition.  

Although gout is not considered to be a curable condition, it can be managed with proper treatment plans and medication. Many people who seek and obtain effective treatment are able to live happy, productive lives despite having gout. 

Raising Awareness on May 22 

Gout Awareness Day is an opportunity to show gout patients across the United States that they are not alone.  

Join the Alliance for Gout Awareness this May 22 in raising awareness. Educational resources and graphics for social media can be found at Join the discussion online using #GoutAwareness.  

Together, global advocates can help to spread gout awareness across the United States.